Skydiving Maryland – What’s the best season to skydive?


Spoiler alert: skydiving in Maryland is great any time of year, any time of day!

But we all have our favorite seasons and other personal preferences, so let’s explore all the options.

Here is our guide to picking the best day for your jump.

Let’s start with availability:

Even though most smaller skydiving operations close for the winter, Skydive Chesapeake is open for jumping year round.


But isn’t it cold in the winter? You betcha! It’s actually about 20 degrees colder at jump altitude than on the ground. Does it stop us? Not really. As long as you’re dressed for the weather, cold temperatures don’t affect the safety of the jump, or the amount of fun that you’re going to have! So if your birthday is in winter and you’re itching to go skydiving, by all means, go for it – just dress warm. Some jumpers even prefer that brisk air and snow covered views over the heat and humidity. And a plane filled with smelly skydivers. Just kidding, they don’t smell (that bad, anyway!)

If you’re a first time jumper, you will definitely have that extra power boost of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine flooding through your system, that will help keep you warm! Some quick tips for winter jumps: make sure to wear extra layers, gloves, neck warmers and hats – especially fleece ones are great. Thermals are a winter skydiver’s savior too. Check out our favorite jump apparel.


Are you more of a summer babe? That’s totally cool too, most people are! The breeze up at altitude feels absolutely amazing compared to the heat on the ground. And you can show off your sweet muscles for the camera. Summer jumps don’t require as much preparation. Just remember to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and stay in the shade while you wait for your turn to go up. Summer is definitely the most popular season among skydivers, so prepare to have a bit of a wait, especially on weekends.

Spring + Fall

If you are the Goldilocks type like some of us – spring and fall are perfect for you. Not too hot and not too cold, it will be just right! Springtime and fall both have comfortable temperatures and nice weather, especially when you are skydiving Maryland, and the dropzones aren’t as busy so you can enjoy a more relaxed pace. The views in fall deserve a special mention – the Maryland foliage looks magical from above!

No matter the season, Skydiving Maryland is fantastic anytime of the year, and you can bet, Skydive Chesapeake will make your tandem jump an experience you wont forget!

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